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I have been training dogs for nearly twenty years. Having originally taken on rescue dogs with emotional and psychological issues I really struggled to find someone who could help me work through their specific problems, ranging from sheer terror and lead reactivity to food aggression and bed guarding. 

In order to help my dogs, I have researched and learned many differenttraining methods, as I am constantly looking for positive ways to make a difference to their lives. On my journey I discovered TellingtonTTouch. It took me three years to qualify as a Practitioner and all my animals have benefitted greatly from this wonderful way to mentally and physically engage with all companion animals, without any conflict or confrontation.

The beauty of the methods I have discovered, and now use, is that they all involve a non-confrontational approach and no acts of strength or violence are required in order "to show your dog who is boss!" The idea that a dog is constantly challenging for leadership rights over their family, is starting to be dismissed. However, I do believe that dogs need consistency, guidelines and rules, but it is how they are taught to respect these that is the key to building a successful and trusting relationship between them and their owners.
I aim to help my clients' understand why their dogs display undesirablebehaviour, and try to provide the answers and solutions on how to change their perception about their canine companions, and what they can do to help put things right in a way that both people and dogs can understand, and live with.

I am constantly updating my knowledge with positive training methods available, and attend numerous courses and conferences each year to keep abreast of new scientific developments and findings.

I have participated and competed in various disciplines such as Agility and Scent Work with my dogs in order to provide them with both mental and physical exercise, which I feel is very important for every dog, subject to their physical limitations. Finding the most enjoyable activities for you and your dog is always very rewarding.

Dog Training has changed so much in the years I have owned dogs, and I am delighted that science now supports that forceful methods are actually detrimental to a dog’s health and inhibits their ability to learn and cope with life.

Allowing a dog to enjoy learning also make the training much more fun for their owners too. Owning a dog can be hard work, and bringing one into your life should be considered very carefully, to ensure you have the time and finances required to ensure they enjoy a long and happy life as part of your family.


I currently cover most areas in and around Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Halesowen, Kidderminster and surrounding areas.
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