Home visits


Where owners or dogs find it difficult to attend a group class situation, or are trying to resolve specific behavioural issues, I can offer a home visit service. I prefer to discuss your requirements in detail by phone call in order to determine if you will be happy with the training methods I can offer you. If we are both happy to proceed, we will agree a mutually convenient time for me to visit and work with you.

I will generally be with you for approximately 2 hours, and during this time I am able to observe the interactions of your dog(s) and all family members and advise what changes are required, as relevant. Where possible, I will address all of the issues you are having, and work with you all accordingly.

The methods I use are not an instant fix, they will take time and commitment form you to working with your dog in order to help them cope with the situations they are finding difficult. There is no time limit for success, as every human and canine relationship is unique.

I can offer pure Tellington TTouch or Training Sessions or most usually a combination of both, depending on your requirements and expectations.

The cost of a visit is usually £90, subject to the addition of a travel fee which will be pre-agreed with yourself, subject to your proximity to me.

You will also be required to complete a pre-visit Questionnaire before my visit in order to provide me with as much information as possible before I work with you.

I will also be available for back-up support via email, text and call after my visit.
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